Life Sciences
  • Nikon HD25 / A1R HD25

    Nikon HD25 / A1R HD25

    Nikon HD25 / A1 R HD25 Confocal Microscope

  • Advanced Bilirubin Stat-Analyzer Photometer

    Advanced Bilirubin Stat-Analyzer Photometer

    Advanced Instruments Bilirubin STAT-Analyzer™, Model BR2, for Total Biliru...

  • A1R HD

    A1R HD

    High Definition Resonant Scanning Confocal

  • Tycho


    Quickly identify the quality of any protein using microliters of sample with Tyc...

  • Prometheus ™ Series

    Prometheus ™ Series

    Prometheus ™ Series Instruments for nanoDSF ™ NanoTemper Technolo...

  • Monolith ® Instruments

    Monolith ® Instruments

    Monolith ® Instruments for MicroScale Thermophoresis™ A technology b...

  • mosquito®  Crystal

    mosquito® Crystal

    TTP Labtech’s mosquito crystal is the protein crystallographer’s fav...

  • dragonfly Crystal

    dragonfly Crystal

    TTP Labtech’s dragonfly® screen optimiser enables complex assay gradie...

  • DEPArray™ System

    DEPArray™ System

    The only automated instrument that can identify, quantify, and recover individua...

  • mosquito® HV liquid handler

    mosquito® HV liquid handler

    mosquito® HV liquid handler provides accurate liquid handling for low vol...

  • Eclipse Ci

    Eclipse Ci

    The all-new clinical and laboratory microscope Eclipse Ci Series features new er...

  • A1RMP+


    Multiphoton Confocal Microscope

  • SMZ18


    Nikon's SMZ18 research stereomicroscope combines macro and micro imaging in...

  • SMZ25


    Nikon Introduces World’s Largest Zoom Range, High-Resolution Stereomicrosc...

  • UV5Bio Spectrophotometer

    UV5Bio Spectrophotometer

    The Life Science Specialist

  • UV5Nano Spectrophotometer

    UV5Nano Spectrophotometer

    The Life Science Micro-Volume Master

  • N-SIM


    Super-resolution microscope visualizing cellular structures and molecular activi...

  •  N-STORM 5.0

    N-STORM 5.0

    Super-Resolution Microscope System

  • N-SIM E

    N-SIM E

    Super-Resolution Microscope System Introducing an all-new super-resolution syst...

  • Acumen


    TTP Labtech’s acumen® is a proven high content imaging system in exten...

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